The Advantages Of Portable Vibration Analyzers

One of the key steps in predictive maintenance is to monitor the health of the various industrial equipment to prevent shutdowns and catastrophic accidents. A very basic instrument used in the early stages is a vibration meter.

It is one of the several tools that are used by maintenance technicians to analyze the health of industrial equipment. It is often used in inspection, production and even in the manufacturing stage. This instrument measures the oscillations and vibrations of machines and other installations. The parameters measured are vibration acceleration, vibration velocity, and vibration displacement.

Handheld portable models are very advantageous and widely used in all industries. You can store the readings measured for later reference. Most of these devices come with the manufacturer’s calibration certificates and if you add an additional fee you can even get an ISO 9000 certification.


  1. Ease of use: These devices are really easy to use to find out the health of rotating assets. You do not need any special training to use these instruments, any entry level technician can use them very effectively. This makes them an essential item in any toolkit.
  2. Low energy consumption: These instruments typically use very little energy.
  3. Very precise: The margin for error when using these diagnostic tools is very minimal and you can always depend on the accuracy of the measurements.
  4. Versatile: These portable devices can be used to measure submerged points as well as areas with high temperature.
  5. Adaptable: They are compatible with a wide variety of sensors and other measuring accessories.
  6. Low Cost: This condition monitoring device is small in size and low in price while been high on performance. Its low cost makes it highly accessible to technicians of all levels.


These devices are usually used to monitor the health of industrial blowers, cooling towers, electric motors, diesel engines, turbines, conveyors, gearboxes and centrifugal pumps. From a business perspective investing in a portable device is advantageous.


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